I AM Soul Evolution Awaken the Creator Within


Designed to help you peel away the layers of yourself that are not in alignment with you soul Truth mission and purpose to awaken you to your true power and potential as a creative spirit having a human experience.




6 Week Program

2  Live sessions each week with superconscious transformation recode to rewire your mind and recode your DNA 🧬

Week 1 Everything is Energy- Basics of Quantum Physics

Week 2 All is Mind Levels of Mind Ego Unconscious/Subconscious & Superconscious

Week 3 Universal Law Learn about the unseen spiritual laws that govern our universe

Session 4 The Five Steps to Conscious Creation How to Become a superconscious creator and make your dreams reality

Session 5 Your Truth Your Story & Your Message Have Power & Purpose

Session 6 Putting It All Together For Change & Transformation

Accountability call every Monday morning to give you the tools to cultivate the mindset and decide what your focused and committed action steps are for each week.









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